Don't Wait--Start Recovery Now!

Because... "The longer you wait the worse it can get." There is no greater emotional pain that can be inflicted on someone than the announcement by your partner that they want a divorce. Are you tired of hurting? Do you want to find a solution? Do you want to be happy again? "You can be happy again!" That is right, but you have to start rebuilding now because now is the time. Even if both of you have "seen it coming" for some time, and the idea of it comes as no big surprise, the actual words still hit like a bomb exploding in head. It's really over . . . . Oh! By the way there is... "One major principle you must know to be happy again!" "Get this book because of the one principle you must know to find happiness." There is one basic principle that if you learn it, it will change your life forever. Every human ought to learn, memorize, mediate, and apply this one principle to their life. "This book is to provide guidance toward happiness after a divorce." It will enable you to apply the principle. It is possible to be happy after a divorce, but it is also possible to be very unhappy while married. Is that true? Of course you know that to be a fact.

How Do I Know?

Because... I am going through the divorce process too. I loved my wife, but I could not make her happy. It is like I did all of the wrong things, not intentionally. I really tried to show her I loved her, but everything I did no matter how hard or how much always was counter productive, then one day she told me she did not like me or have feelings for me any more. I was devastated. I knew we had our problems, but I never would have dreamed in a million years that my wife did not like me.

I tried to get her to like me for about  a year. I tried to think like her. I attempted to anticipate what she would like or dislike. But I could not do it. I got tired and wore out not being me. I just wanted her to love me for the person I was. I could not be who she wanted me to be. Then to make matters worse I thought we had a very good start on our marriage the first 5 years, but when I brought that up she said I live in a dream world and that it was not as good as I thought it was.

All Hope Was Being Taken Away!

When she told me that the first 5 years where even bad I had no more hope. I had nothing to hold on to! then she told me it may be years before she has any more feelings for me and maybe never. I was crushed. I was demoralized. I was so hurt and I knew some how I hurt her deeply and could not fix it. I wanted her to know I loved her. I tried, but I could not do it. Whatever she needed I could not give it.

I Have Discovered How To Be Happy Again!

I have discovered how to be happy again. You can too. We all are human beings trying to survive in this world. You can survive! You can enjoy life and relationships again. You will even be able to trust again.